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        Enterprise Introduction


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        Founded in 1968, Shaanxi Fast Auto Drive Group Co., Ltd. (Fast) has become the world’s largest production base of commercial vehicle transmission and a world-class supplier of high-quality automotive driveline system. The company has over 10 holding subsidiaries and joint-stock subsidiaries, a sole proprietorship plant in Thailand, a Fast Euro Transmission LLC in Europe, a distribution company in the United States and several representative offices in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. It’s the first company with annual output value and sales revenue exceeding 10 billion Yuan in China gear industry. Fast has been awarded National Civilized Unit, National May 1st Labor Award, National Advanced Primary-level Party Organizations, Top 10 Typical National State-Owned Enterprises, Home of National Model Workers, National Culture Construction Best Practice Enterprises, National Model Enterprise of Harmonious Labor Relations and other honorary titles. 

        Relying on independent innovation and sci-tech progress, Fast has set up first-rate technological research and development systems in China supported by National Enterprise Technology Center, Academician Workstation and National Postdoctoral Workstation and UK Innovation Centre. It has won the First Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award and China Grand Award for Industry. The number of its core technology patents leads the industry. The company has specialized in the R&D and production of commercial vehicle driveline products, including AT, AMT, S transmission, bus transmission, light-duty truck transmission, hydraulic retarder, clutch, reducer, CVT, hybrid transmission as well as EV transmission system, etc.. Fast has formed an annual production capacity of 1.2 million automobile castings and forgings. The products have been widely exported to more than ten countries and regions such as, North America, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, South America and Middle East. The company has been listed into Top 30 in China Automobile Industry, Top 100 in China Machinery Industry, Top 500 in China Manufacturing Industry, Global Top 100 Auto Part Companies and China Top 100 Auto Part Companies. The market share and the market volume of Fast transmissions surpass 70% and 11 million units respectively. 

        Fast will remain true to its original aspiration, and forge ahead to lead China gear industry with high-quality scientific practice and fruitful results, to build confidence for the national automobile industry and promote the high-end development of “Made in China”, and contribute to the progress of human society.

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