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        Fast 8DSS330 Batch Matching

        News Time:2022-03-18 14:11:57   
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        Recently, the wide-body mining truck WT160 equipped with FAST 8DSS330 transmission, came into the market to help conquest the mine.




        Wide-body mining truck have been put into use in more than a dozen different mining areas in Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Neimeng, Shanxi and other regions before being put into the market with excellent performance and remarkable advantages 


        Fast products with a high degree of intelligence, excellent performance and super moving service by users and OEMs widely recognized, has been more than 150 OEMs at domestic and abroad thousands of models selected as the fixed supporting products, continue to create value for customers to help economic and social development

        Large tonnage (100T load) mining wide-body dump truck special 8-gear overspeed transmission.

        8 Gear single box three countershaft structure design, three split power, high reliability, large specific torque value.

        Dual - disc clutch, engine break off coupling, transmission four-point main suspension.

        The piecewise gradient rank difference adapted to the road spectrum in mining area is adopted, which has good shifting performance and fuel economy.

        Adopting three shift head shift design, effectively reduce the shell volume, greatly improve the strength of the fork.

        The countershaft is divided into sections and supported by connecting partition wall, which greatly improves the assembly efficiency of the three countershafts.

        Single oil pump with safety valve middle oil filtration and absorption, ensure sufficient oil supply when the vehicle up and down the slope.

        The top cover integrated tubing and is combined with the shell oil passage for forced lubrication, and external forced cooling ports are reserved.

        It is equipped with parallel hydraulic retarder, rear PTO, and emergency steering PTO to meet the needs of vehicle auxiliary braking and diverse PTO needs. 

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